Change of PoE location from that of DS160

hello everyone,
I am a doctor from India wishing to pursue USMLE. I got B1/2 10 yrs visa to do observership of 4 weeks at Houston texas (filled in DS160 and same told in visa interview as well). But I got a better and cheaper rotation at Maryland of which I have invite with me. So can I go directly to Maryland from India?? Will there be an issue at Port of entry since my DS160 says Houston texas and I am going to Maryland… Please advice me regarding the same please
Thank you

This should be okay as far as you have the invitation and your intention is to do observership.


Thank you for replying. Yes I have invite from Maryland at the cancer hospital I wish to do observership from. But the ds 160 and invite I produced at visa interview were from another hospital in Houston texas which I wish to cancel as it is very expensive. So it won’t be a problem if I go directly to Maryland port of entry instead of Houston?? Will they ask why I changed the location of my rotation/port of entry???

What you fill in DS-160 was true at the time of filling, if they ask, you can show the proofs. What you fill there is only for general guidance for B1/B2 as it is not specific like H1B or L1. So, you should be fine. Carry all the proofs and articulate the exact facts.

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Ok thank you so much for replying Kumar ji!!?

DS160 information such as port of entry is not strictly binding and if the immigration officer ask you you can always explain and provide truthful answer.

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Thank you so much kalpeshji!! My purpose is the same… Just that hospital is different and are in different state as one is an economical option and a better rotation than the other which is way more expensive and not that good… So I will say that if they ask at the port of entry why I have changed the location… Hope that will work… Thank you so so much for helping me

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I believe that current student visa (F1) stamp still mentions the university name. It was like that for me. In this situation, it made sense to arrive at the port of entry (that could be the location of university) or have a connecting flight to the appropriate city.

Since B1/B2 is a business/tourism visa, the port of entry and final destination shouldn’t matter especially if you have the appropriate paperwork.

Thanks for replying @usgrad . Yes I think f visa do state the University/ school name and location… There is nothing as such mentioned in my 10 years B1B2 visa
. My concern is that immigration officer might compare and contrast the place I gave in ds160 and the one in am going to, even though I have ample evidence/ invite from the place I am going to and my intention remains the same that’s to do observership but at a different hospital than the one I put in ds160.