Change of job in India with H1B in WIP

My H1B application got accepted in lottery this year(2013) and it is in “INITIAL REVIEW” status.

Now, Can I move to another job india, (change of employer)?

How will it impact my H1B process?

Can my current employer terminate the process?

I assume you current employer has filed the H-1 for you.

If you leave them, then they can withdraw the petition and you will be out of cap. If the petition is approved, and you then leave the employer, then you are eligible for future cap-exempt petitions (aka H-1 transfer) even after they withdraw the petition. This is possible as long as you know the receipt number or have the copy of approval notice.

Thanks Saurabh.
I know its going to take time. But, do you know how long will it take to USCIS to approve my petition?

It can take 2-6 months. You also have the option to upgrade it to PP.