Change of job and back to same employer

Was working with company A and moved to company B…now after working for 1 and a half weeks only decided to move back to company A again. Now B as part of their process will revoke their H1 petition and says i have to leave USA in 15 days unless I have other arrangements to stay here. But because I have valid petition still with A (which they have not cancelled after I left them 2 weeks back), I know I can join them…but A does not need to notify USCIS or anyone right…?..for them I have as if taken an unpaid leave for 2 weeks and joining back again…there is no problem with my status also…am i correct ?..i was never out of status…right ?

Can you please help ?


That is correct. A doesn’t need to notify to USCIS or anything. You need to get paid from B for that period and can then join A using their old approved petition.