Change of family member for B2 Interview process


I have question regarding B2 Visa change of interview person. I completed DS-160 for my parents and have booked Interview/Biometrics dates for July 2023. They cannot travel to US and go for interview anymore due to their health.

1. I wanted to know if there is any way I can replace my parents DS-160 with my sister & her husband’s DS-160 and they can go for interview. Is this possible to do? I can change the information in US visa docs as needed with new information.

2. If I have to cancel the July appointment and rebook for later date that is fine also. I have already paid for two B2 slots. As my parents cannot travel anymore, I don’t want the visa dates to be wasted if my sister can use it. Do I need to contact US visa docs support for this?

Thank you,

I think you can cancel existing appointments and reuse the visa fee reciept to book new.
Contact VFS and double check.