Change of Employer with inactive H1B

I have my H1B approved under Consular Processing which is not activated yet (Didn’t get the stamping). Is it advisable to change the employer (if my new employer files for cap-exempt H1B) or will it create any problems in the future (while GC process)?

USCIS may or may not approve the H1B transfer as you never worked for the sponsoring employer arguing that because you never switched to H1B status, you may not be counted against the cap. That said, many people have reported that their transfer was approved even if they never worked for sponsoring employer and had no visa stamp either.

H1B transfer do not impact green card as green card is a future job which has nothing to do with your H1B job even though most of the time the GC is sponsored for the same job as H1B. GC can be sponsored by any employer, who has a bonafide job offer for you and is able to pay, and they need not be even sponsoring your H1B.

Thank you for your input. Also, Can it raise RFE or chances of denial when applying for H1B extension?

Not that I am aware of.

Thank you so much for your inputs