Change of employer while H1B petition is pending

I am currently employed with a service company based out of India with head office in US and working for a US based client. My current employer had filed H1B petition for 2014 and luckily got selected in the lottery as I received the receipt number couple of days back.

I checked the status of my petition on USCIS website and it was showing it in the 'Initial Review" state.

Below are a couple of related questions

	If I happen to change my employer during this period (till petition is approved and finally stamped), does that have any legal implications on my petition processing?

	What could be various reasons for the rejection of the petition once selected in the lottery?

	In the petition, employer has specified the work location to be the client location? Is that legally correct?

Appreciate your help!!

Already responded in the blog.


Thanks for the reply!!

Regarding employer-employee relationship; you have mentioned that my current employer has to have their own manager at the client site to supervise my work. Is it must for my supervisor to be at client site or he/she can be my superviser remotely from India office.

Yes, there needs to be someone onsite to monitor your work and handle your day-to-day assignments etc. The person may sit at the client site or may be in one of the employer’s US offices and make regular visits to you at client site.

I am not sure if the manager can be in India, but it may work if you show that you and manager have daily meetings for status updates and manager and client also have regular meetings for the same.