Change of Employer - H1B recently stamped


I recently got my H1B Visa but I am not happy with the way the employer has been treating me. He has, after visa stamping, asked me to send my update resume. I think he will try to place me in one of his client’s place after client selects me for a job. I don’t know if this is the way it works. Also, he is not sure of my work location (it can be any city in US). I have not sent my updated resume but am looking at other options.

What if I don’t join this employer? How to get another employer willing to take me and what is the procedure? These questions bug me.

Please reply soon as I have little time left before I am forced to send my resume and take interview calls.



That’s the typical process in consulting.

Your employer is a consulting company, and they will market your resume to different clients. At times, the client will have direct contract w/ employer, at other times it will be through a middle entity (aka vendor).

They usually market all over the US and that’s why need the most recent resume. They will schedule interviews and once finalized, they will ask you to fly to US to work for the client. They don’t call you before that, as they don’t have money to pay you your salary on bench and rely on client’s billing dollars to pay you. If you have location preferance etc then let your employer know about it.

If you change H-1 employers and the new company is also a consulting one, then it may be the same scenario.