Change of employer from B to C (none filed my H1b) in India,impact my H1b?

My H1b is IN Progress with employer A ( US based company, I am not working in A right now).

When my H1b was filed, I was working with company B in India and I am still continuing with B currently.

Now though my H1b is IN PROGRESS ( RFE …sigh…need wishes ) can I change my employer in India from B to C (also in India)?

Will my “employer change” in India impact my H1b, since H1 is filed by a different company, where i am not working as of now?Please suggest, I will appreciate help on this question as I have to decide fast on employer change. Thanks a lot!!

Summary -

H1b - via company A ( US based, currently not working for it)

Current employment - company B ( India, this company has NOT sponsored my H1b)

Planning to join new employer - company C ( no role in H1b)

Will the above impact my prospects of H1b??

Thanks a lot!!