# Change of employer and H1B transfer during CAP-GAP......!

My H1B got approved for the Employer X. with the start date as Oct 01, 2019 I got a new job offer and I want to move to that before the start of my H1B i.e Oct 01, 2019.

The new Employer Y is ready to do H1B transfer before Oct 2019

My current work status is CAP-GAP

My question is

  1. Is it possible to change the Employer name on my Cap-Gap I-20
    If so, Can I change the Employer name before he apply for my H1B Transfer
  2. Should I change the Employer name on my Cap-Gap I-20 after the new employee apply for H1B transfer?
  3. Should I change the name of the Employer only after my H1B transfer got approved.
  1. Well, it is recommended that you wait until October 1st and work for few days and then transfer.
  2. You can work for them before you join on H1B and change the details by working with DSO.
  3. If you going to work on OPT cap gap, it should be fine as long as you have a job in the same area, you can work with DSO…
    Transferring H1B before October 1st can be risky…some had success in the past, but some had issues. USCIS is questioning that candidate never got H1B status, so cannot transfer…so, it is grey area.