Change of COS from L1B to L1A and H4

Hello all,

Currently, I am on L1B visa which is expiring in June, My employer has applied the change of status from L1B to L1A

By looking at current rejections in the L1 category, Can I apply the changes of status to H4 as well?

At the same time can I do the below things?

L1B to L1A COS
L1B to H4 COS

Well, filing multiple COS applications at the same time will confuse the USCIS officer judging your case. Think about it, if USCIS sees this person want to Change to L1A and also to H4, how can you change to both at the same time ? The easier thing to get H4 is to exit and get H4 stamping, which is easy and straightforward without much issues. Discuss with your attorney on the best way to put up your case with COS to avoid rejection or plan for other options…

@Kumar I have little different situation and need your guidance for the same:

Currently My employer applied for COS from L2 EAD to H1B , Still case is in progress . So can I work on receipt number till my COS to H1 gets approved ( it is with same employer) ?