Change of Client on H1B - after working 1 year for a Client


I came in USA one year ago with Company (A) and Client (X).

Now after working for Client (X). for one year, my Company (A) is asking me to work for Client (Y) in the same state, California.

I want to know the following.

  1. What are the legal requirement before I can work with another Client?

  2. Will this effect my petition end date ? my petition end date is Dec 2014, so is my i-94.

  3. I am in USA now, what if I have to go back to india for a hiliday, Do I need to go for stamping ?

  4. Will I get a new petition for new Client?

Please help me with above queries.



  1. New LCA and H-1 amendment

  2. H-1 amendment may cause a change in expiration date of the 797

  3. No stamping required as long as the current visa stamp is valid and has not expired

  4. Refer (1)

Many thanks…