Change of Client in H1B after H1B Registration Process

Hi all,

I have selected in the lottery , but unfortunately the client which i used while applying is no longer a client of my organization, so can i get another client to provide me the letter ?


The H1B petition would not have been filed yet. So discuss with your attorney and then file with current client. In registration process, you do not put in the client info.


Do you know if I can submit my paper work with a different employer? Or, if I can submit my paper work with my current employer and then transfer it to a new employer before the approval?

You cannot do that. You can only submit paperwork using the same company that got your h1B registration…You can only transfer after you get approval and you work for them on h1B.

The problem for me right now is that I have been offered a full time job with the client I was contracted to work for. However, given that my H1-B was picked in the lottery, the client is asking me if my contractor can submit my paper work and if they can file a transfer on my behalf to start working full time for them. Given the current situations, they would like me to start working for them before the end of June. I am a little confused about how to handle this situation.

Would you have any words of advise, please?