change of address during pending Case

Hi Saurabh,

My H1 transfer was filed on 12/14/2012 and I got an RFE on 20th of december. It was filed in PP, the RFE was responded and it got approved on Feb 5.

I changed my house on Feb 1 and I have updated the AR-11 after the change of address. The company name is not properly printed in the approval notice and also the start date was wrong in both I-129 and I-539, an amendment was filed on Feb 7.

The problem is that when the amendment was filed for I-539 as well, the receipt notice that was sent by USCIS did not reach the new address as the USPS has returned the mail to USCIS as the mailforwarding was still in proces by USPS.

My amendment is still pending (both for my I-129 and I-539.

Is it because of the address change delay?? Please comment.


Were these filed by the employer? If yes, then they should have been sent to employer/attorney address and not yours.

Amendment may take 2-3 months to process, so can’t say if there is a delay more than the normal processing time.

Hi Saurabh, The filing was done by the employer, but I suspect, i would have received the copy of acknowledgement notice for my dependents (i-539) amendment to my home address. My H1B transfer was applied through premium processing. I am still carrying the same EAC # for amendment as well. Does that mean that the EAC is still under premium processing or does the amendment changes to normal processing? If the amendment has to be done in a premium processing should the PP fees be paid again? The reason is that my kid is missing his entire school time. The school ends by June this year, but he had already lost more than a month because of this processing errors.

Check w/ employer about what address they mentioned in the filing. They might have signed a document from you making them your representative and then handling all the paper work and communication.

If the original petition was applied in PP, then it doesn’t mean amendment also becomes PP petition. Yes, separate fees need to be paid.

What’s the relation of amendment w/ your kid’s school term?