Change L2 to F1

Hi I am on L2 EAD working. My spouse visa is valid till Jan 2024. I am planning to do Masters in my field. Can I work on L2 while I apply change of status while in US?

Why do you intend to change your status to F1 when L2 can work and study at the same time?

Going back to your question, yes you can keep working while your change of status application is pending and stop immediately on approval.

Thank you for the response. My visa is till Jan 2024 on L2. Once I am done Masters then I need to get H1 or OPT. For that I need to change the status right? After 1 year also I can change status instead of now. Please pour more ideas on which one to do.

You can get H1B if you can find a H1B job with an employer who is willing to file your H1B. If it is your first H1B, you will need to go through lottery process.
If you want to work on OPT, you need to switch to F1.

Thank You for the information. As I am working on L2 EAD from last 2+ years will this be counted in H1B 6 years?