Change in visa status from f2 to f1 while H4 is in process


My current visa status is F2. My husband visa status is changing to H1 which will be effective from oct 1. I have already applied for Change of Status to H4 using form I-539.

I’m also preparing/planning to take admission for a Masters degree and so, change to a F1 status from the coming Spring 2016 semester.

I’ll be travelling to my native country in november for a month and I am now confused if I should get a H4 stamping or F1 stamping ?

Well, if you plan to be on F1 from Spring, it is better to have F1 stamp in the passport. The simple reason is that, when you plan to travel outside of US for any reason, you will be stuck, if you do not have the right stamping. If you are a student, you need to have F1 stamp to re-enter US at that time and you would need a valid F1 stamp…so having that ready would be of great help.