Change in Place of Birth in Indian Passport


I am a Indian citizen having an Indian passport. I was originally born in Nepal in 1980 but moved to India when I was few months old. All my education was in India so I got my Indian passport in 1994 with Place of Birth as ‘India’ as the education credentials were provided as evidence. During 1990’s it was all based on education credentials.

Now I am in USA for last 6 years on H1B and have my GC in process. I want to align my documents(my Nepal Birth certificate and the Indian passport). I read at so many places that I can get it done by having Civil court Order in India but Indian passport office deny having a process to update the place of birth. I spoke to the Cox & Kings passport services and they say yes it can be done with the court order. When I refer to the list of documents, it says I need to produce Court Order, Original birth certificate and Document no 7(Certificate of Citizenship by MHA). How can I get this as I was born in 1980 and was there in Nepal for few months and have been in India after that.

Can I get the Place of birth updated in India or in USA and what docs I will need and how long is the process?

If someone has similar situation and has gone through the process, I would really appreciate any genuine advises and inputs regarding this query.

Your help is appreciated.