Change in Place of Birth in Indian Passport and going for H1b stamping

Hello Everyone!

I had wrong birth place in my school leaving certificate. I have been using same for getting passport and then applying for US visa.

Last year when I started GC processing; came to know that Birth Certificate is required. I got my birth certificate which has correct birth place name.

I mentioned correct Place of Birth while filing I-140. And I got new passport with correct birth place name.

Now my visa has been expired and I am visiting India. I will have to appear for the H1b visa interview.

So now in my DS 160; Place of Birth will be changed from my last filing.

Will this be an issue?

Is there anyone who had been to such situation?


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Before anything, I got a question. Did you keep a copy of your passport along with your i140 filing? What was your birth place on that copy of the passport and what was the birth place on your Labor filing and i140 filing papers. It sounds like there is an issue there… pl verify.

Regarding your question, at any time, your official details (like name, birth details etc) are alwyas must be as per your valid passport at that time.

So, when you are applying for anything at any time, the application must be consistant with the passport. If not, you must be ready to explain it if required.

To save yourself, Please execute a self affidavit stating that “My birth details was noted incorrectly in my past passport etc, so, I have got it corrected while renewing my passport on XX/XX/XXXX date”. And have a copy and original of this affidavit ready in hand when you suspect that there may be an issue of this birthplace at any time.

You should be fine for now since your papers and passport shows the same information at this moment on your petitions.(dont worry about the past petitions, just have the above affidavit handy)

Hi ImmiGeek!
Thank You for quick reply.

Event was :-

-> Got H1b visa approved (PP had wrong birth place )
-> Came to US; started GC processing.
-> In labor they only ask for country of birth.
-> while applying I140; got birth certificate with correct birth place and submitted application with correct birth place
-> apply for new passport with correct birth place
-> going to the India for visa stamping again.

Hopefully this makes clear.

Did you go for stamping? Did the officer ask about this change?