Change in field of education for COS from h4 to f1


I am currently on h4 and want to go for COS to F1 in fall 2014. I have already completed my MBA(HR) from India with 2 years of experience. However, I am now planning to study MS in IT, because of the current demand in USA and STEM extension.

WIl the change in the field from Management to IT, pose a problem in COS to F1 or stamping for F1 or H1B. Also, is there any possibility of RFE or any other query during H1B application as long as I have a job related to IT.

I already have shotlisted 2 universities, but would be interested in knowing other legit and less expensive colleges on east coast.

Thank you

Well, it is not very uncommon that people change majors in America, it should not create any issues. If you have an admission from a school for MS, your DSO can advise you on the COS process and it should go smooth without any issues. It is very hard to predict that at this point as the RFE is dependent on the job and your complete profile at that time, it is upto the discretion of USCIS. Also, you need to be aware of the fact that for you to work on H1B, you need to still go through the lottery…Planning for higher educaiton is a big decision and you need to consider everything before you proceed. Personally, I believe that education has to be driven by passion and not just a way to get around and find some job. You already have a Masters, maybe you can find ways on how to use your MBA to get a job…If you do NOT like MBA jobs that a different story…Going for Higher education is more than paying money and getting a STEM degree, it is your time commitment…

Hello Kumar,

Thank you for the reply. I did try for H1 this year but unfortunately did not get picked in the lottery. I also want to make best use of my MBA but, that means that I have to wait entire one year atleast and take a chance. This way my career break will increase.

Instead, if I go for STEM recognised courses, it will give me a chance to work for 2 years and hopefully, I should be able to land with H1B.

This is the plight of H4 visa holders :frowning:

Thank you again.

You can always try at research institutes, Community colleges, Universities…they all are cap exempt. It could be very hard, but worth a shot. Well, I agree with the situation, unfortunately it is very tough for H4 visa holders. If your spouse is in GC process, look at that timing as well. Put all the things in perspective…Your time, money you spend and time spent for you to make the money spent on school. Weight your time and money spent with wait time on GC and make an informed decision.