Change in duration of stay between DS160 and actual

Hello everyone,
I am a doctor from India seeking to do clinical observership in order to apply for medical residency in the US. I have a b1b2 visa valid for 10 years. While applying for visa, I had only 1 month observership in Houston whose invite I produced in visa interview. Now that I have visa, I got 2 months additional rotation in Maryland and Florida. The requirement of most of the US programs is atleast 3 months of observership. So when I go at the port of entry, should I:

  1. show 1 month observership same as in ds160 and just do 1 month and come back and go again and again to do the rest at a later date? OR
  2. show 1 month observership as given in DS160, and if the immigration officer allows me to stay for say 6 months, do the rest 2 months and come back? OR
  3. show all 3 invites for all the 3 months ( ones not included in ds160 as well) at the port of entry and request for permission to stay for 3 months observership???
    This is a lengthy question. But please please help me decide the right move so as to minimise the risk of getting into any trouble now or in future
    Thank you so much

If they ask how long you intend to stay, you can say 3 months based on all 3 invites and your return ticket. As far as you provide all the information truthfully, this is really not a big deal.

Again, things like the stay period, port of entry (non-static information, subject to change) etc, that you state in DS-160 is not really a binding on you. As far as you don’t break the visa terms for B1/B2 like paid employment, overstaying beyond 6 months etc, you should be good.

Sometimes we just overthink a lot, which is what I feel you might be doing :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much kalpeshji :pray:. You are right that I maybe overthinking but that’s because I haven’t travelled outside India :sweat_smile:. I got decent enough scores but 3 months of us clinical experience is a major determinant in succeeding in this journey. I have to finish off this 3 months and come back in order to apply this sept. I have invites for the 3 months and am ready to explain to them. So I hope that will be alright. This forum has been very helpful and I am grateful to you for allaying my concerns​:blush: