Change in Company Address with approved H1B

Hi Saurabh ,

I have an approved H1B petition however my company has shifted to a new address, Company attorneys have already received the LCA with new address and have filed for change of address with new I-129 for I-797. How long will this change of address process take, i have already scheduled my visa interview in Feb will there be a change in petition number if so do i have to make changed to my DS-160 and stanley form with the new information, Do i need to carry the old LCA as well for my interview ?

There will be no change in Petition Number. Amendment is needed I hope, better to carry LCA and other supporting docs

Thanks for the response but what if i do not receive the Amended 797 with new address before i appear for my visa interview? Can i show the I-129 that was submitted for the amendment along with the new LCA?

Hello, I have same concern as yours. We are small firm and we recently moved to new address. I am planning to go for visa stamping in early next year. It looks like I have to get new LCA. but not sure about h1b amendment…if possible can you summarize all the steps for this process. Thanks in advance.


Am not sure of the entire process but this is something you need not worry much its has to be taken care of the company, in my case i have a visa interview scheduled so i need my ameneded 797 but in your case you company attorneys have to get a new LCA and file I-129 for ammendment to I-797 as change of address and pay a fee of $325 for the same. This is what i have known so far please confirm this with your company attorneys.

Thanks. Actually I am in same boat as yours. I have to travel in January and still don’t have my LCA updated as per new address.

That depends on VO, if (s)he is not satisfied with the docs, U may run into 221G

@chillipepper did you have to wait to update the LCA and do the amendment ?

LCA didn’t take long but amending the 797 with new address did take 2 months and the receipt number does change so if you have already scheduled your interview you will need change the details on the form. At least I was able to change it at cafe outside VFS in Mumbai for Rs 200.

Did you have to push your trip because of that ? I am not clear in this?
I have scheduled my trip on November 1st and I havent applied for interview yet ! But I am not sure if they will stamp my visa without changing it ? Would I be able to travel outside of US if I havent change this

Thank you very much for answering these questions! I havent been home almost for 4 years and I am very stressed finding out this in last minutes

I did not push my trip my company attorney started the process 3 months in advance but yes amending the 797 with just new address did take long enough , it should be a simple and quick process but it takes long and i don’t believe you can expedite it either. There should not be any restriction on your travel outside US. As far as stamping your visa is concerned i’m not sure but IMO if your amendment for 797 is in process they wont be able to pull up or there may be some note on your petition number and you might end up with 221g.

This just sucks because this means if they decide to keep my passport until the i797 is updated this means it might take months and I have only few weeks off from my work !