change employer with h1 case number

I am on l2 visa. I am employed with Employer A who had filed my h1 this year in 2016 lottery under counselor stamp. My h1 was picked up in the lottery and i only have the case number.

I can check status online and it says “On October 17, 2016, we approved your Form I-129”. I am still on L2 and dont have h1 stamped.

I have 2 questions.

  1. How long can I stay on L2 status. we still have 4 years of l1 max out period. Does staying longer on l2 have impact on H1 interview/approval if we decide to move on to H1?

  2. I dont have actual petition with me.If i want to move on to h1 with company B, is the case number enough? if employer A withdraws petition do i still qualify for cap exempt without the actual petition?

please help.

  1. You can stay as long as you want on L2. I do not think it will have any impact if both L2 and H1 are from the same employer.

  2. I think just the case number is enough. You may want to ask an immigration lawyer to confirm. I think you will have to transfer before they revoke the petition. Usually revoking of petition takes a year or more to be processed since initiation (so not a big issue).