Change Employer B to C when B's Petition is pending

I am here in US since last 12 years working for a product based Employer A (Product based Company) here are some more details -

  • I have my I-140 approved and priority date is 06/2010 for EB2 green card process.

  • My I-94, VISA Stamped and Petition from Employer A are valid until August/12/2020.

  • I was laid-off from Employer A and My Last working day for my Employer A was Nov 28th 2018

  • My 60 days Grace period ends at Jan 27th 2019

  • I joined Employer B (IT Consultancy) on Receipt notice and started working on Jan 17th before end of my grace period

  • Now I got good offer from Employer C ((Product based Company)) but they will take some 2-3 week time to file my petition

I will have 1-2 pay stub from employer B. My Question is can I join Employer C after 2 week on Receipt notice? and resign from Employer B?

First of all, If this is possible at all? and if yes how much is the risk involved.

It is possible, no risk if you stick around with Employer B till your Employer C’s H1 is approved(Risk mounts if you join Employer C just with receipt notice as you have too few pay stubs with employer B).
BUT… if you dont have any gaps in your pay stubs (employer A pay stubs and then immediately with employer B pay stubs before joining employer C, such risk is less)

Thank you for your response. Unfortunately employer B’s petition approval will take time as no premium processing from USCIS as of now. Also offer from employer C is good and C is a product base company as compare to Employer B is consultancy. Lets say I joined employer C on receipt notice and most likely employer B will withdraw their petition. Will that have any impact on Employer C’s petition?