chances of rejection of H1B as RFE raised and not get response yet

Hi All,

My visa selected in lottery on april-16 but get RFE on july, they asked for client letter, Sow, msa and Job description. We had submitted bulk client letter when filled H1B, so this time we get individual client letter (my name mentioned in letter) but sow and msa not able to provide as they said it is confidential. So Infosys GICS team provide DM letter saying msa sow are confidential. Job description we have provided with project details along with my role description.
But still I am waiting for response, its showing we received your case on 29th aug-16, will get back to you if info req… california center.
Any idea whether it will reject or approve? N when I can expect response back?

if any document is confidential, such document can be submitted in a sealed envelope instead of simply rejecting to provide one.