Chances of H1B stamping from India for H4 visa holder


My Wife will come to US on H4 visa in May 2014. One of the employer is ready to file H1B .As per them, my wife need to go back to India for H1B stamping. Could anyone please let me know what are the chances of approval from Mumbai Consulate.

Appreciate your help on this question.



If her petition is approved after May 2014, her employer can file for CoS and she can start working from Oct 1. However, whenever she returns to India after that, she’ll need to appear for stamping.

Chances of approval at consulate depend on various factors such as employer, the documents furnished and the interview

Thanks for input. Does it mean, if she comes to US in May 2014 and do not return to India, Employer can file COS? As per Employer, for filling COS, Employee should be here latest by 1st April 2014. If Employee comes after that, Stamping from India is required. Could you please tell me, is this valid scenario?