Chances of H1B approval after two B1 rejections

I am currently a project manager in an IT firm in India. I have a total of 4.5 years of experience. Experience in last company is 2 years. My B1 visa has been rejected twice, I was going for business meetings. In my first application I was travelling for 6 weeks and I was a Sr. s/w engineer that time, in the second one I was promoted to PM (recently) and was travelling for 1 week. In both the cases I was going for genuine business purpose. But the VO rejected it suspecting I was going to work there. He didn’t check my documents even in both the denials. I tried to explain him but he refused and rejected under 214(b).
However, my client in US is going apply for H1B in 2013, so —
- How much is the probability that i’ll get visa this time after 2 B1 rejections?
- What steps should I and my client in US take to get my H1B accepted?
- Will the VO again reject it saying how come a PM will be going for H1B?
- How much is the probability that an H1B is rejected?

You will get H1b.Not a problem.Some pople with 3 B1 rejections have got it in 1st time.So be cool.have fun