Chances of getting F2 visa while F1 is a PhD student with full time scholarship

Hi all, I am being very concerned about the chances of getting F2 visa for my husbands. Therefore, I would really appreciate to get answers from all of you! Here is our case:

I come from Viet Nam. I got a graduate assistant scholarship for 2 years M.S program in East Tennessee State University (ETSU) started in September 2017. This is my final semester and I already applied for PhD program with full time scholarship in Biomedical Sciences major in fall 2019, also in ETSU. The chances that I will admitted is very high since I have enrolled for M.S program here, and my professor also willing to take me in as his PhD student. The admission result will come around April. If I am admitted, I am planing to prepare documents for my husband to have an interview for F2 visa as soon as I get the I-20s.

  • We have been together for 8 years.
  • I started the M.S program in September 2017, then I went back to VN in May 2018 in the summer and get the marriage certificate at that time.
  • He and my mother joined together to own a small company in cosmetics business. Therefore he can support himself financially while staying here.
  • I will go back to VN this summer to hold a wedding so that we will have the wedding album.
  • My husband only has a high school certificate, he did not go to college. (This is what I have been worried about).

That is the detail information about our case. I have been reading through the internet and I know that the percentage of getting approval for F2 visa is very low. Therefore I am very worried right now. Thank you very much for your time!

If anyone has knowledge or experiences about this, please give me some advice, it would be very helpful for us!

Vietnam has a higher success rate for F-2 visa compared to India and China. Because your husband jointly owns a cosmetic business, you can mention that your mother can wire money if needed to you. Your husband is not eligible to receive money or work for the foreign company while he is here in the US on F-2 visa. Use your husband’s education to state that he is not interested in further studies and also that he is the only one taking care of your mother at present. Best wishes,