Chances of Business approval after H1b Stamping refusal at US Consulate.

Hello All,
I got a 221g yellow slip last year by US Consulate when came down for the H1B stamping for an approved H1B petition by CA USCIS Centre as was due to employer-employee relationship.I am planning to try for a Business visa this year thru a diff consulting company. I wanted to know the chances of getting approval for the same. I am working with them for last 2 months,have opened a different savings account for the same to get the salary debited into my account and will I need the pay stubs,also the bank statements with enough source of funds available from the company salary as using that for my personal expenses in India or is it possible to show my personal funds from a diff bank account for the expenses in the USA as anyways my employer is going to mention in the letter that will covering my expenses for the trip?Also will I need a sample invitation letter from the company on its letterhead and also shld I mention training as my purpose of trip or else shld be business as confused abt the same as my employer is advising me to connect the same with cloud computing training for like a month?

Thanks and awaiting prompt and good response for the same.

Your H-1 denial will not impact the outcome of B-1 interview.

You will need the official letter from the employer along w/ justification. You should always mention correct reasons on the form and answer truthfully.