Chances of Approval when applying H1 B for in house project

My VISA was applied for a in house project and currently it is in RFE stage . Can some one tell what are the chances of getting it approved , the RFE is about the project contract with my employer and end client .

This is probably a boilerplate RFE, here is list of documents to submit if it matches your RFE. Even if an item is not relevant, you still must answer it. (example: there is no marketing analyses for our software product becuase we do not produce a software product.

Thanks a lot for the link . The contract for the in house project for which my visa is applied is getting over this Dec, and my employer is working on renewal of it . I got the RFE for the same . My employer is trying to convince them for 1 year VISA . If you have any suggestion can you please let me know .

If your employer can obtain a letter from the end client stating they fully expect the contract to be renewed, that would help.

My Employer has sent the RFE docs yesterday . Can you tell me if USCIS changes anything in the site once they get it , or they directly move to Decesion