Chance to avoid 221g is better to apply H1b in the SAME consulate again?

In March 2012, I got my H1 visa stamped in New Delhi. I am going to appear for my H1 visa interview again in December 2012. In March I got my visa after being cleared under administrative processing 221g. I am wondering whether it helps to go to New Delhi consulate again in December 2012 instead of Hyderabad (my home city). I am not sure if the processing would be faster in New Delhi as they had my case cleared few months ago. Any suggestions?

Thank you so much in advance.

Getting or not getting 221[G] usually does not depend on consulate location.

Embassy/Consulates have guidelines from USA about when 221[g] should be issued.

Unlike B1/B2 visa consulate does not normally have power to reject H1 visa applied based on approved I797 given by US Govt.

So all the comments are referred back to USA . Applicant is given 221 [G] and final decision is taken in USA which is later conveyed by consulate to applicant.

Visa officer in India has the power to either grant the visa straightaway or refer the case back to usa.This discretion sometimes differs from officer to officer in the same consulate also.

But in practical terms your chances of getting 221[g] are same everywhere.