Chance for H1B Extension-Clock Reset

I am currently in India.

I was on L1B visa in the US for about 5 years starting 27th March 2007.

Then on January 15th 2012, I moved back to India. Now the same year in October 2012 I got my new H1B visa petition approved (while I am still in India) under H1 cap. But the H1 got approved with time limit till November 2013 (only 1 year).

My question is if I do not go back to US until January 16th 2013 on this new H1, then I would have stayed out of US for 1 full year (post L1 expiry). When I will be applying for an H1 extension sometime in 2013 do I have the chance to get full 5 years on my H1 (due to Clock Reset)?