Ceac Status show refused, Need suggestions

My parents went for the interview on 19th July 2022 for a B1/B2 visa. They have been told at the end of the interview that their visa is approved and given the one approval slip along with that they kept the passports for both. Although, my father was the main applicant and did the whole interview by himself. Later on, after a few days, my mother’s status changed to issue and received her passport back with the visa stamped.
As for my father, his status on CEAC has been refused from the interview date and hasn’t been changed and they haven’t emailed anything, It’s been more than 20 business days, and getting frustrating with every passing day. Can you guys please suggest what to do in the situation? Should I contact them about the status or keep on waiting?

My suggestion is to wait another week and then send email follow-up to the consulate.

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Yes i will probably wait a week more .