CEAC - Admin Process--> Refused--> Admin Process

Hope everyone is doing fine.

Just curious if anyone has seen something like this happen and since I’ve been waiting on 221g thought I’d indulge in this community

I was approved for my H1B while in US working under STEM OPT. my H1B is also for a cap-exempt type and was approved in October 2020 with a start date in December 2019. I traveled to my home-country in February for vacation and also to get H1B stamped…

Had my interview for H1B on Feb 26th 2020 and was told I my case had to go through administrative processing and was handed the ‘green slip’. While waiting on it and as March 04th arrived, with the CEAC system changing their wording, my status read as “REFUSED” (“last update date” was the day of my interview from the get go). But when I checked again today(July 3,2020), CEAC reads the status as “ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING” again… and this time the “last update date” has been also change to July 02,2020.

My passport was taken on the day of my interview for holding and was never asked for any additional documents.

Anyone have an idea whats going on?


It is weird. Some users did say, they saw some updates. But, these seem more like system related updates and not really anything other than that. Check the comments in below thread…

thanks, I’m aware of that thread. I had checked it when it saw the changes in March. But my concern was as of this week where it says there was an “update” on my case yesterday. Now it reads as administrative processing. Not sure if anything changed or it has progressed another step

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Well, as of now all of the consulates are technically closed and they are not processing any cases…So, I am not sure, if they are really doing anything. It could be global system updates on their platform…The only way to know is to reach out to consulate…

Hi, so were you finally issued a visa?