case was transferred and a new office has jurisdiction i 129

what does this mean and how much will it take?

case was transferred and a new office has jurisdiction i 129??

My employer is not telling me properly,please help guys.

The original petition was submitted to VT but is moving to CA to equalize the workload.

so approx how much time will it take for next update that is case approval or rfe or rejection etc??

If it is RP, then it could be anytime next month through Oct. Most of the petitions will be processed by then, but some may see their processing stretch beyond Oct.

No SLA for RP and so all this timelines are estimates.

Thanks for the updates.I will need your help in future so keep in touch buddy.

Is it a good idea to shift it to premium process at this stage to expedite the whole work.

Is PP possible at this stage after the transfer. I saw that CA office has not processed any application after Dec 2015. This is the last update as on 11 th August. Would it mean another 4-5 months? This already Mid August.

If you have urgent need to start working from Oct 1, then yes upgrade to PP.

I am asking out of some stupid anxiety. Pardon me for that. Just because I upgrade my application status from RP to PP, would I get scrutinised too stiffly with a lot of RFE or rejection. I haven’t falsified nor have any major concerning aspects at all. But some people started to advise me that I would create undue attention. Kindly guide me.

Its an urban legend that upgrading to PP results in RFE or denial. It it not so and a petition that has all supporting documents and information provided, would still be approved.

Thank you for your kind guidance Saurab. I will stay in touch again after I hear the next development from USCIS. I gratefully appreciate your time and patience.