case was transfered and new office has jurisdiction

Hi ,

I have filed for H1B and the status was “case was transfered and new office has jurisdiction” from May 2016 to till now the same status.

Could some one guide does it slow up the process or what is the next process and when is the due date.


I have the same status and my case was in Vermont center and now shifted to california center.My employer is saying that cases for which he has received RFE were in Vermont and he has not heard anything from california center.Most probably there is no RFE for my case and there is delay in processing from california service center only due to overload, but he cannot be sure.

I am hoping for the best.

Though some of the people have received notifications from california service center.


I am seeing the same update since May 5th. Do you know anything about this or have you heard anything from a similar case
Thank you