Case was reopened doubt.


On 10-Mar-15 I have checked my case status on USCIS Toll free number 18003755283 regarding my MTR. As per the last status USCIS sent Form I-797 to the Employer/Petitioner on 4-Mar-15. Have we received Form I-797 notice?

Please correct if I am wrong that USCIS send I-797 form to those whose petition is approved? My current status on website is “Case Was Reopened”.

USCIS will mail the approved H1 called i797 to employer when the case is approved…

Your status must be approved in USCIS case status for the approval copy to be mailed

My case is reopened on 4-March-15.

  1. How long they will take to approve?
  2. Now they will send which form I-797 a/b/c?
  3. Is my case approved if tollfree status message is saying “USCIS sent I-797 for to the employer”? Or it is just status of reopening?
  1. There is NO SLA, it may take 3-6 months, even more (depends case to case)
  2. The one the toll free number referred must be i-797C - Receipt Notice. i797-B will be sent after Approval
  3. It’s i797C, saying that they received fee and mailed that the case is reopened

But they are not referring a/b/c they are saying only I-797 only.

That’s what I am saying. It must be C…
It can’t be other as your status is just reopend. You can get i797B only if it is approved. Keep seeing the status

Thankyou so much for your time.

My case was premium will it help in fast processing?

NO. Premium Processing is not applicable for MTR. You need to wait

On 04-Mar-15 my petition got approved yuppee!!

Hi Nishant,
May I know did you get the approval after reopening case. How long it took. ?
My case is exact same as your.

Your response is much appreeciated.

I have applied for MTR in Dec-2014 last week. Got approved in 4-March-15.

Hi Nishant,

May I know the processing center of your H1 case? We have applied for MTR for my husband in this month(Jan 2017). The processing center is Vermont.

Same vermont. My took around 3-4 months. In dec I filed MTR and in march I got notification that they considered my case for reopen. In May I got VISA Stamped.