Case Status is showing as "We received your request to Withdraw your Form I-129, Petition for a non immigrant worker"

I have applied for H1B extension around December 2017. My i94 was valid till Feb 1st, 2018. After that, my company has filed the documents to USCIS for extension of mine (I-129) and my wife’s (I-539) petitions. During the First week of March 12th, 2018 my wife went to India due to some emergency. When I have updated my company about this travel, VISA team asked me for approval to withdraw her extension documents since she is not in the USA during extension process. So I approved it a few weeks back. It seems there is some confusion between my company and USCIS team, Right now in USCIS portal the status is showing as “Request for Withdrawal of your form I-129 & I-539 is received” for mine and for my wife. Please let me know if anyone has faced this before. Kindly share your suggestions/feedback.

In this case, 1. Can my company reapply the case?

                 2.what if USCIS has updated wrongly in the portal? 

                 3. How long can I stay irrespective of anyone's mistake? 

                 4. What are the alternatives for me to stay back in the USA?