Case status is "Case received at my local office". What would be the next status


My petition was filed on Apr 10. Right now the case status is “case received at my local office”. What would be the next status and how much time it take to move to approval status. If anyone has clarity, please let me know.

My H1b extension (I-129) was filled on Feb 2017, last week the status was updated as “my case was transferred and new office has jurisdiction”.After 2 days the status is showing as “My case was received at my local office” what does this mean? Which service center does this went? Most of the forums saying after this status you will get interview call. Do I also get personal interview call?

Do you have any update on your case, it helps me in my case

I am in same situation if you have any update let me know , I will share if I get it

is there any update on this case?

no udpate till now, I am unable to respond with private message