Case send back to USCIS for review

Hello my dear People, Please give your valuable suggestions

Case Details:

Indian passport holder, living in london for 5 yrs

Got 221g at London for H1B first time on Aug’2014 ,

Got an Email from consulate in NOV '2014 "Recommendation for Revocation " to DOS

Got update on USCIS case status Feb’2015: “DOS sent your case to review, we will send Mail once it’s done”

  1. Did you know or hear who got the same issue and issued Visa ?

  2. How long will it take to review and send back,what are the chances of getting visa?

  3. Can I have chance to apply for new H1b petition for 2015 for the same employer ?

  4. what was the best way I need to do now?

Thanks for your Time , Sincerely appreciated for your inputs

DOS initially approved your H1B visa (Notice of approval, I-797)

You went to consulate for stamping of your visa at a US consulate.

US consulate got nuts and recommended DOS to revoke the DOS approval.

DOS got nuts and it sent the case back to US consulate to shut the mouth and stamp the visa.

Now US consulate is in the process of shutting their mouth and get your visa stamped soon.

It takes few days to weeks, you will get God Damn good news, dont worry.

Its a game between US consulate and DOS. DOS is the boss, overrides the consulate jokers. We are just victims in between. Dont worry, its just a loss of time for you. You are good.

Thank you for your positive Answer ImmiGeek, I hope your words come true very soon :slight_smile:

Hi ImmiGeek, is that the correct information or you are just kidding.
I am also in same situation and tensed a lot now.

Ask phani (who has posted this question) if what I have said is still holds good or not.
BTW, I was not kidding, just telling the truth in a furious way.

Phani: Its your responsibility to come back and update this thread about your situation regarding the above topic.

Hey Guys, I am no longer interested on it.

It was hectic and lost my piece of mind when i follow up employer and USCIS ppl .

After long time on feb2017 they sent me email saying
“Intent to Revoke Notice Was Sent.The notice explains what we will do”

But I didn’t ask my employer about it and I am no longer interested.

Hi ImmiGeek, thanks for the information but I am getting mixed responses so I am worrying a lot. Some of them are saying that if original petition gets revoked after transferred one is approved then newly transferred petition will also get revoked in future.