Case received july 29. Approx approval date plz??


My case was received on july 29. Processing time still shows may 25th for vermont sc. However the site was last updated on 15th oct. i have an emergency to go home in dec. I need to get it stamped before coming. Im unable to decide if by dec 15-20 my case would be approved. Any approx dates my case would be approved you think?? Latest I know is june 5th received petiotion was approved.

I assume you are inside US and applied for H-1 which is still pending. There is no set SLA and one can’t be sure if it will be approved by Dec 15.

Are you already on H-1? If yes, then upgrade it to premium processing so that you know the result soon. This way you can carry the approval petition for stamping in your home country.

My application is still pending and my application was received on 13th April, and the status is same as it ws on 1st day ( Case was received )