Carrying ayurvedic medicines to US

I want to take ayurvedic medicines like Arogyavardhini Vati (tablets) to US?

What formalities should I do? I take them regularly so I want to carry a large supply for 4-5 months.

You need to carry proper prescriptions for the medicine (which should highlight that the quantity that you are carrying is 4-5 months)

Also, it would be good if you can have a small summary of what the medicine is, what it does - often the Customs officers don’t understand the long names of Ayurvedic medicines - so explain them briefly. Your prescriptions should be up to date else the Customs will create trouble

Thanks. Do I need to declare them on the Customs Form ? If yes then in what field should I mark a tick?


You don’t need to declare medicines in customs form unless they are for business purpose. You can keep them in your bag and if they ask, show them the prescription. My wife carries Ayurveda medicines and she always shows the prescription and that works.

Thanks for the information