Career plan: Dropping MS in one university and persuing in other

Hi All,

I have been working at a top core company in wireless domain in india since last 2 years. I am ECE passed out from one of the top NITs with good CGPA (8.3/10). Planning to go for MS in wirelss. My GRE score is 310 ( I have given the test casually, i can improve this score to above 320). I got engaged recently. She (My would be) is doing her internship in BDS. She is also planning to persue masters of dental surgery in US. We are planning to settle in US.

But the problem is intial financial struggle. To overcome the financial struggle, i made few plans with suggestions of my friends.

I’ll apply for a low tier university which gives 40 hours work permit ( i think universities which give 40 hours work permit are usually low tier) and i’ll work for a company for 1 year and make money. After one year, i’ll drop MS from the low tier university and apply for good universities. Meanwhile, my spouse will come on F1 visa for persuing her MPH (planning to take loan) and parallely she prepares for NBDE. By the time she is about to clear NBDE i’ll be completing masters and will be able to finance her for DDS.

Please let me know whether this plan is feasible ?

Or, Please suggest me better plans to settle well in life.


I understand your concerns regarding financial commitmments, but you need to consider these things. Ideally, you should apply and work at a MNC and then transfer to US on L1 or H1B Visa and then puruse your dream. The challeges with you approach is that you are applying to a third rate university being a first rate student and it does not make sense from a visa offiicer perspective becuase they can look at you as a potential immigratnt. H1B and L1 are dual intent visas and you will not run into such issues there…

If you can take a loan and go a good school, that would be great…It is not just degree, it is your life and your time…Ask people around you, if they can help you financially…Also, you cannot work full time during school and you will only make minimum wage, when you do part time, that will not be sufficient for you to pay fee or others…Overall, I think that you need to put all these things in perspective and make an informed decision. You are just couple years out of college, taking an year or two to get to America is fine, you can puruse your dreams.