Cap-gap and Multiple Employers

My STEM OPT is going to end in mid-June’22. I have a question regarding the cap-gap extension.

Let’s assume I am working at employer A and my H-1B petition filed by employer B is approved, making me eligible for the cap-gap extension.

Since H-1B goes into effect from 1st October, can I continue to work at Employer A till 30th September using the cap-gap extension and start with Employer B from 1st October on H-1B?

Is the cap-gap extension tied to an employer like H-1B or, is it similar to OPT and STEM-OPT, allowing a student to work for any valid employers till 09/30?


Cap-gap means USCIS will extend the validity of your EAD until your H1B goes into effect (and change of status from F1 to H1B) so you can keep working on OPT, not tied to any employer.

Okay, so even if employer A filed my H1-B, I can continue to work for employer B on cap-gap as long as employer A is okay with it.

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