Cap exempt for an H1B petition when it is under 221g admin process

I had an approved H1B petition from Employer-A in 2011 valid from [b]11/02/2011[/b] to [b]09/25/2014[/b]


But when I went for stamping to the embassy in chennai, they [b]refused the visa and issued 221g [/b]asking for Employer details.


Then Employer-A did not provide the details asked by chennai US embassy.Currently my case status shows as Initial review


Now Employer-B has a position for me but he missed the 2013 cap.

Can I use the approved H1B petition of 2011  to get exempt from cap.I have the receipt no. and soft copy of the petition. 


With the soft copy of the Petition,Can H1B Transfer  initiated by Employer-B


Please advise.

B can initiate cap-exempt petition for you using print out of A’s approved petition.


Did you got any slip before rejection from Visa Interview.

I got yellow slip for H1B 2013-14 in Dubai Consulate.