Cap exempt and renewal for h1b

Hi ,

I have a question about cap exempt and renewal 

I got 1st H1B(I797) with company A visa issued on 27th Aug 2007( valid from 21 sept 2007 to 16 mar 2010) which I used it for 5 months then i came back to India in 2008,

Company B processed H1B using the earlier I797 from company A and got another I797 & visa issued on 23rd jan 2009(exp 8july 2011) the 1st visa was cancelled in the passport, I didn’t used this 2nd visa, 

which date can be used for cam exempt in my case , 1st visa issued date/expiry date or 2nd visa issued date or expiry, 

Am I eligible for CAP exempt and go for H1B renewal with comapany A, plz help.

Thanks in advance 

You are cap-exempt for 6 years from 23 Jan 2009. Find an employer and ask them to file cap-exempt petition for you by submitting most recent petition information.