cannot retreive my ds-160 application

I could not retrieve my ds-160 application I entered and saved for my wife…though I have not submitted the application. I had to redo it three times (I now have 3 application ID) but still cannot retrieve any. what could the problem be? is it also a problem that I now have three application ID for her alone even if I have not submitted the application?

I can still open the one I created for myself though not submitted too. please help with my concerns above.

That’s strange. You can try again and remember exactly what information you are entering to retrieve the document.

Another option is to download the file as .DAT whenever you exit and next time upload that DAT to start from where you left. This way you don’t have to enter information again and will be able to submit it in future. As it clones from .DAT file a new application is will be generated after each upload, which should be ok.

thank you very much. I tried saving to .DAT but could not be imported back. I had to do a forth one…this time the application ID was accepted.

my fear is hope the other three with the same info as the forth will not cause any trouble.

It is ok if you have 3 unsuccessful and 1 successful DS forms.