Cancelling and Rescheduling the H1B interview

Hello Sourabh,

While scheduling the interview thru stanely I mistakenly had chosen 20th October which is a Sunday for my OFC biometrics. I would not be able to make it by that time to India. So I cancelled the appointment and rescheduled it again. The receipt worked, as I belive it allows us to cancel first time without any penalties.

Now in the appointment history both the scheduled and cancelled appointments are showing the same UID. Is this normal ? Do you have an idea what this UID is used for ? Shouldn't it be a different one for scheduled and cancelled ?



I haven’t tried the system myself so don’t know about it. My guess is that it should be ok as it is showing the history. As long as your correct appointment is showing up as scheduled, it should be fine. They now ask users to create profiles for the visa interview purpose. UID would be probably use to identify each user and track their entire history. Maybe in future if you go to another country for stamping, your UID will remain the same.

Get suggestion from sudeep travels as well, he is more experienced w/ visa interviews.

Thank you Saurabh !! I confirmed about UID, and it is exactly as you described.

At times guesses are correct :slight_smile: