Cancellation of Approved I-130

Hi all,

I got a question regarding the cancellation process for approved I-130.

Petitioner is my aunt, and beneficiary is my grandfather.

A few years ago, my grandfather’s I-130 got approved and he had an interview at the US Embassy.

During this interview, he was asked to bring additional documents, and he just had to prepare them and schedule another interview.

However, my grandfather is very old now and his mind changed; he no longer wanted to move to the US.

Therefore, the whole process got paused and he did not additionally request for cancellation.

One problem is that, my cousin in the US is getting married in May and my grandfather wishes to visit the US for this event.

So, he applied for ESTA and B1 visa, but was denied since he has shown immigration intent.

My questions are:

  1. This visa process was paused for a long time. I know that there’s a such thing called Denial of Abandonment (DOA). Would this be a DOA situation? What would be the cancellation process for this case?

  2. How can I check the status on cancellation process? Any website or phone number I can reach to check the status?

  3. How long does it take to finish the cancellation process and when could my grandfather reapply for B1 visa? Do we get any cancellation confirmation?

Thank you very much.