Can you work when L2 EAD extension has been filed and EAD has expired?


I am on L1B validd till Sept 2013 (I-94 valid till 2015) My wife is working and is currently on L2 EAD which is expring on 25th May 2013.

We had filed for extension towards March end. The uscis website shows the application in RFE status for past 5 weeks but we havent received any notice yet. We contacted USCIS and they said we should get it in another 2 weeks. In case she does not receive the extended EAD till May 25th, can she continue to work? Or would she have to resign and join back again?

If her EAD expires, then she needs to stop working. She can start working again once she gets her EAD renewed.

7 weeks to get RFE notice seems too much. Most of the times it should be received within 30 days. Did your employer/attorney change address recently?

No Saurabh. The address has not changed. We had called USCIS number to ask about the status. We recently received a letter from USCIS saying that their national website is experiencing problems with status and that no official RFE has been issued. We are now waiting to get the next update. Will update this thread once there is any change in status