Can you travel while on STEM extension?

My STEM extension expires next October 2016. I’m planning to apply for H1B next April. My F1 visa is currently expired.

Can I travel to my home country during this STEM extension? Is it safe? I’ll renew my F1 visa while in my country. On this note, is it easy to renew F1 visa in my situation or not? Thank you very much!

Well, you can travel during STEM Extension, if you have valid OPT. Yes, you will have to apply for the renewal of the visa. There are certain risks you take for sure when you travel during your current situation. The rule of thumb for F1 visa is to study and non-immigrant intent, it can be tricky to demonstrate that with your current working situation as you have a potential path to immigration…I would suggest you speak to your DSO and get their advice on your situation and carry relevant documents as needed so that you are prepared.

Hi, did you not qualify for the Dropbox/interview waiver? My situation says I qualify for waiver,for my F1 stamping.
Did you get your visa successfully stamped? Also, which consulate you went to?