Can you move from for-profit H1B visa to not for profit visa to for-profit H1B visa without going through cap limit?

I was selected under a cap for the H1-B visa (for profit) in 2014. Since then, I’m working on the H1-B visa. I also got my I-140 approved last year.

Now, I’m planning to move to a not-profit H1-B visa. I understand I can do the transfer at any time during the year. However, if I get back to for-profit H1-B in future, will I have to go through the cap again?Will moving from a profit to not-profit H1-B make any difference on my I-140 status. I understand that once I-140 is approved for 6 months, I can retain my priority date even if my ex-employer withdraws the petition.I appreciate your assistance.

Hi gtomr,

Were you able to get an answer to your question ? I am in a similar situation. I have a job offer from Non-profit organization. I am currently on my 6 th year of H1 and my 1-40 got approved with profit company. Can I transfer to Non-profit and come back to profit organization in future using latest I-140 from either Non-profit or my previous I-140 from profit company ? If I ever have to use my H1 with profit company in future I will only have 9 months left on the 6 year period limit. Would that be a problem ?

I am trying to get an answer to this to accept the offer from Non-profit organization. Please help.